A Day in Tamsui 「淡水」

One of the most pleasant experiences about my travel in Taipei is seeing its surprising vistas. My strongest impression is that of duality: on one hand, a bustling metropolis; on the other hand, a sleepy suburban town, like a province, even. Those impressions lingered and solidified when I visited Tamsui. Why?

Tamsui is a town/district named for the river up north of Taipei. To arrive here, the best way is to take the very modern MRT red line to the northernmost stop.    

Along the way, look out for the Grand Hotel on your right. This is a most popular hotel known for its — well, grand –structure. Seen from the train, it rises up from the trees like a jewel in the forest. I really admire how nature is well cared-for in this country.   

 Quite picturesque –and that’s just the view from the train. 


Once you’ve alighted, check out the map for interesting and historical places to see. 

 We only spent a few hours here from morning till noon. I heard that it is more popular in the evening due to being quite “the” romantic spot. Lovers come here to watch the sunset, or take a ferry ride to the other side of the river. I guess this is also a popular spot for a school field trip. 

Nevertheless, there are lots of people who come here for the fresh air in the mornings. Loads of things to do… and things to eat. My favorite? Freshly boiled squids! It’s sold by weight.  

I’m not actually a fan of tentacled or clawed sea creatures…especially when I can see its original form!
… But the squids were so sweet and juicy that they quickly won me over.  (I left the head intact, though 😛). 

Foot-high ice cream for 30 NT only 🙂 We bought the smaller size which is seen in this picture.

(By the way, I’m not really fond of inserting myself in pictures for this blog, but I forgot to take photos. 😅😅😅Just forget about me, look at the background and the curve of the land: isn’t it postcard-perfect?)

Other stuff to enjoy: Take a walk at the Old Street 「淡水老街」for the cultural perspective. One can also shop here for local food and souvenirs. 
So whether you’re killing time which you don’t want to spend in the airport, or just want to see a different side of Taipei, just take the Red Line and visit Tamsui =) 

P.S. Texan in Tokyo gives some lovely ideas and detailed suggestions for a one-day adventure here. 


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